Being brief has benefits, but brings its own challenges

  • If you’re publishing traditionally, your publisher might have ideas about length, as it affects their pricing.
  • Some subjects demand a lengthy treatment-there’s a lot to cover.

Readers appreciate quick reads

3 reasons to invest time in upgrading your email habits

Paper airplanes on a yellow background, from crumpled to well-formed
  • We…

A book review

  1. Will I enjoy reading it?
  2. Will any of the ideas stay with me? Will the book earn a permanent place not only on my bookshelf, but in my mind?

black headphones on top of a bunch of books. (Depositphoto)

Impatience is the problem

Reframing Your Feelings About Practice

Lessons in the cumulate power of practice

A person’s hand, writing with pen in a journal on a wood table

A ship’s wake on the ocean

When All You Can See is the Wake

Ideas are like sunflowers — they may arrive unannounced, and not all will reach full height.

a field of sunflowers under a cloudy sky

Anne Janzer

Author, Writing Coach: Writing about Marketing, Technology, and Writing Itself (very meta).

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