Writing Process: Work Your Quirks

  • While writing quickly, you make the wrong choice between its and it’s, or your and you’re.
  • Awkward sentences suddenly appear in your drafts like unwelcome houseguests.
  • You have an obsession with ellipses…sentence fragments…

Step One: Recognize Your Quirks

  • Do you repeat the same word too many times in a paragraph?
  • Do you rely on the passive voice?
  • Suffer from dangling participles or sentence fragments?

Step Two: Let Them Live While Drafting

Step Three: Seek Them Out in Revision

  • Rather
  • Some
  • Perhaps
  • Certain
  • Very (It’s counter-intuitive, but using the word very often weakens the adjective you’re trying to emphasize.)

Repeat, Forever



Author, Writing Coach, Unapologetic Nonfiction Geek. Writing about Writing Itself (very meta). AnneJanzer.com

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