Writing in the 21st century

It’s easier than ever to be a published author.

Want to write a book? The gatekeepers to publishing are, if not gone, then marginalized. New gates have appeared, unattended, all around them, through independent- and self publishing. Independent publishers are turning to crowd-funding to supply some of the financial backing they need. Simply search for books on KickStarter for an idea of what’s happening there.

Yet, it’s harder to be a writer.

Some naysayers claim that no one reads anymore. We won’t even deal with those comments. If you’ve read this far, you’re proof to the contrary. But there are significant barriers to writing.

What remains the same

Publishing has changed. Writing, editing, and distribution technologies are evolving. Even our patterns and behaviors in consuming content are in flux.



Author, Writing Coach, Unapologetic Nonfiction Geek. Writing about Writing Itself (very meta). AnneJanzer.com

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