To Expand Your Reach, Narrow Your Focus

Fear of Missing a Reader (FOMaR)

  • It’s a mystery, but there’s also a sci-fi component and a love story, so the audience should be huge.
  • My memoir should interest everyone.
  • Our blog posts target customers, prospects, investors, employees, and the press.
  • We’re writing this article for the technical decision maker and the business buyer. And our investors. Oh, and our partners, too.
  • Our market is broad: let’s say everyone over the age of 12 in the developed world.

The Power of a Narrow Focus

  • Find the most important and relevant points (and prune the excess)
  • Weed out the jargon
  • Select examples and stories that connect with readers

What if You Choose the Wrong Reader?



Author, Writing Coach, Unapologetic Nonfiction Geek. Writing about Writing Itself (very meta).

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