Tacking the Big Writing Project

Tackling the Big Writing Project

Many people have valuable information or great stories to share. But they hesitate to undertake such a long, difficult task with uncertain outcomes, and in hesitating miss the opportunities for personal growth that come from completing this kind of project.

Starting Isn’t the Hardest Part

The downhill skier benefits from gravity and urgency. You’ll reach the bottom of the hill eventually, even if you fall. And you can’t hang out on the slopes for too long without freezing over.

What’s Your Mountain?

What if you think of your book as your mountain, and have the faith to set out on it?

Create Your Own Gravity

Commit to the project the way that a skier commits to the mountain — by pointing the skis down the fall line and getting going.

  • Create a plan to meet your next short-term goal
  • Let other people hold you accountable
  • Given that, what needs to happen next week?



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