How Do You Measure Your Writing Productivity

What does it mean to be a productive writer?

Let’s say that you can crank out 1,000 words per hour, and work at this pace four hours ever day. Wow, you feel productive, right?

The factors that contribute to real-world productivity

The first draft is only the midpoint of the writing journey.

A better use of the “words per hour” metric

Despite the title of this post, I do pay attention to roughly how many words I write during drafting sessions. The word rate offers a reasonable measure of how well I have prepared myself to write and adhered to my process.

  • I’m not drafting in the right environment; for example, I’m distracted by other things, or not feeling well.
  • I’ve tried to short-cut the writing process and go straight to drafting. (Somehow I feel like it will save time.)



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