Finding Purpose Through Writing

“I lack passion”

I ask new subscribers to my Writing Practices email list to send me their writing challenges. One honest subscriber responded with this.

Passion By Any Other Name

In the context of writing, passion might mean many things:

  1. Sheer love of the thing that you’re doing (if I don’t write, I’ll explode)
  2. Excitement about the subject (this subject gets me fired up)

To Find Your Reason, Write

Like inspiration, a sense of purpose or passion doesn’t usually descend on us while we’re sitting on the couch. It arrives once we are involved in the work and begin to see its possibilities.

Find an Other-Focused Purpose

As you dive into the writing, focus on the ideal reader for your work.

  • If you’re writing nonfiction, what problems are you trying to solve? Why is someone going to read what you offer? How can you help someone?

A Purpose Exercise

If you lack a sense of purpose, try this: Write every day for 30 days.

Want to Share Your Writing Challenge?

Send me your writing challenge using the Contact form on this site. I can’t guarantee that I can solve your challenge, but I will try to propose a workaround. And maybe you’ll inspire another blog post that helps others facing the same situation. How’s that for giving you a sense of purpose?



Author, Writing Coach, Unapologetic Nonfiction Geek. Writing about Writing Itself (very meta).

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