Be Generous and Strategic in Book Marketing

A Sustainable Approach to Author Marketing

Many authors are overwhelmed by the idea of marketing their books. The learning curve is high, and much of it seems foreign. I’ve found that approaching marketing from a perspective of generosity changes everything about how it feels. This is the advice I give to new authors.

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  • If you are always strategic and never generous, others may burn out on you.
  1. Review other books in your field, then share those reviews on your blog and on social media. That’s generous to the other authors and readers, and strategic in building a relationship with those readers. If you cannot afford to buy the books, consider signing up as a reviewer on NetGalley.
  2. Sign up as a potential source on HARO (Help-a-Reporter) and help journalists and bloggers by providing useful content and expertise.
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Author, Writing Coach: Writing about Marketing, Technology, and Writing Itself (very meta).

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