A/B Testing Your Way to Better Titles

What Makes An Effective Title?

The ABCs of A/B Testing

  1. Identify a small set of candidates for testing. Keep the group fairly small if you don’t want testing to last as long as the American Presidential elections.
  2. Choose two options to compare. If you’re testing a landing page, compare versions that vary in only one dimension (button location, image) so you can discover what’s important to your audience. For a book cover, change the words but not the layout, or the image but not the words.
  3. Ask a clear question: Which do you prefer, or which would you click on?
  4. Keep testing the winners until you identify a good candidate or two.
  • Many blogging platforms enable A/B testing for different versions of the same page.
  • Email marketing software typically lets you test subject lines.

Testing Beyond the Click



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