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You don’t need to know someone’s size, allergies, or living situation to send them a book. A book encapsulates a few hours of time spent with a thoughtful author. What a gift!

Every December I share a list of books for writers and authors, plucked from the many books I…

Consistency is hard. That’s why it’s so rare–and so valuable.

Man running in the snow

As a writer, you need consistency for many reasons:

  • Improving your craft
  • Feeding creativity and generating ideas
  • Building an audience or an author platform

All of these goals require consistent effort over time.

The importance of consistency came home to me recently reading Mark Schaefer’s new book Cumulative Advantage about…

We’re lousy at reading tone in print

An email arrived in my inbox the other day with a beautiful video attached. It came from someone I did not know, inviting me to participate in an event.

Ordinarily, I would tag the email to read later in the day. (I try to “time-block” handling requests like this.) But…

Being brief has benefits, but brings its own challenges

How long should a how-to (prescriptive nonfiction) book be? 100 pages? 200 pages? A quick read? A deep dive?

There’s no single correct answer.

  • If you’re publishing traditionally, your publisher might have ideas about length, as it affects their pricing.
  • Some subjects demand a lengthy treatment-there’s a lot to cover.

Anne Janzer

Author, Writing Coach: Writing about Marketing, Technology, and Writing Itself (very meta). AnneJanzer.com

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